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Home Ownership Begins

In 9 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Visit Wyldewood Homes!

Stop by or set up an appointment to get to know us. Ask questions, walk through a model and look at floorplans and design options. Dream big.

Step 2: Choose a Lender

We have recommendations for you if you haven’t started looking yet.

Buying your first home could be a scary process, but it will not be with us.

We have people who want to work with you and for you to secure you the best loan possible for your current situation, regardless of your credit history.

Step 3: Choose Your Floorplan!

Choose your floorplan based on lot availability.

Certain floorpans are assigned to certain lots based on lot size and neighboring homes.

We do not put the same homes next to each other in order to keep the neighborhood from looking too repetitive.

We will go through any other questions you have at this time.

Step 4: Sign Agreement

Bring in your pre-qualification letter and 1% deposit to us and we will sign the agreement.

Take your time reading it, ask questions and then take an executed copy home.

Rest assured: you can back out and get your deposit returned to you at any time up until 45 days before completion.

Step 5: Attend Your Pre-construction Meeting

We will review and finalize the selections for everything in your home- from exteriors like garage door and brick colors, to one of our six interior packages.

This is also when you can add on any upgrades we offer. We will go through any other questions you have at this time.

Step 6: Frame Tour!

Before drywall, we will walk you through your home. Your home will be ready approximately 75-90 days after this tour.

This tour is optional but it is a designated time for us to go through the home with you and helping you visualize what your home will really look like!!

Step 7: Start Financing

45 days before the estimated completion date, you will go to your lender and get the official lending process started, so that there is no delay in getting you into your nearly finished new home. You will need to coordinate with them all of your financing needs, down payment amount, appraisals and ordering the survey.

Step 8: Homeowner Orientation

Prior to closing, we will walk the home with you and answer any questions you have, show you where things are and make sure you are as excited as we are.

Step 9: Closing Day!!

Woo hoo! We will all coordinate with the title company on when we will sign the official docs (we try to do this in the morning when possible).

As soon as the loan has funded, you will come by the office to grab your keys and leave with a massive smile on your face as you
go into YOUR NEW HOME for the first time!

You made it!

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