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Throughout history, horses have been loyal companions and hard workers.

We want our homes to mirror that – to be a companion to the family but also to serve them well. Our floorpans are named after varieties of horses and inspired by qualities unique to that breed or type of horse. Some are popular and well known performers like the Thoroughbred while others are lesser known and more rugged like the Chincoteague. Whatever the traits of the home you are looking at, each one has a unique and signature style that will resonate to every future homeowner.

Quality You Can Believe In

There are enough things in life to be stressed about. Your home shouldn’t be one.

Before we even start construction, our plans are professionally evaluated for energy efficiency and structural integrity. Throughout the process, homes are inspected at every step of the way from both professional inspectors and our general contractors.

We work with interior designers and suppliers to keep our aesthetics pleasing, current and most importantly a great base for you to add your personal style after you move in. And rest assured – all of our homes come with a 10-year structural warranty, guaranteed by 2-10 Home Warranty company. In order to qualify, our homes undergo thorough inspections during construction, especially during the slab foundation and framing construction.

We are a living, breathing company, continually strive to be on the forward end of developments in construction, efficiency, technology and environmental standards.

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