1 Year Workmanship Warranty


The 1 year workmanship warranty provides surety coverage from the day of closing. It provides clearly defined construction standards for defects in materials and workmanship for the first year. If the builder defaults on their obligation, the warranty insurer fixes the defect.

What is covered:*

– Roof covering

– Cabinets

– Counter-tops

– Door Panels

– Exterior Siding

– Ceramic Tile

– Drywall

– Interior Trim

– Carpet

– Paint

– Fireplace

10 Year Structural Warranty

The 10 year insurance-backed structural warranty provides 10 full years of structural defect coverage from the day of closing. It protects designated load bearing elements of the home caused by failure that affects their load bearing function to the extent that the home exceeds allowable deflection and tilt tolerances. After the first year, the homeowner will be responsible for communicating 2-10 Warranty, a third-party warranty service and policy purchased for the homeowner by Wyldewood Homes at closing.

What is covered:*

– Roof Framing

– Load-Bearing Walls

– Beams

– Columns

– Foundation

– Floor Framing